Monday, December 13, 2010


Cold. Cold. Frigid. Freezing. Brrrrr! 
wind howling, snow blowing, eyes and cheeks  burning.
any small amount of heat my body is yearning.

long-haired horses and cattle stand with heads down to avoid.
my heart has slowed, back is bowed, fingers froze, my very soul shivers.
everything, all creation frozen, even calm lakes and mighty rivers.

as wildlife instinctively go away,
humans like me threaten to leave
but stay.

why?  why? 
why do i? 
Why do i not go...
just go?
must go!

my body actually is shaking as i write, this room is so old,
so cold--
opposite curving of the globe is aglow with sun's warmth,
no snow.

i was told--so as to believe
tomorrow might be better, warmer,
freshly breathless scented air.


same old cold is in store for days following.
i must get out of here.

to where i neither hear nor fear
howling, blowing, burning
of frigid freezing

where inside and out, warmth
of heart and hearth made for
loving. only yearning
to give freely.

and praying peace for all seasons
for all reasons
for all--
that peace
which surpasses
all understanding