Thursday, December 9, 2010


Vera Graf was her name
this message is to her
my Argentinean flame

i was there month of December
in Buenos Aires--how i remember
there she, beauty in the park
shouted eureka in my heart

quickly chose "our" bench.
we set, became instant
with one another

she, artist and model
me, drooling idiot
breathlessly we planned
all while holding hands

dreamt in tomorrow
fragrant bloomed galleries
sharing bravos, bravas galore
and yes, much more!

like a stage performer
graced her art with flair
music from a golden flute,
mine--filled the air

walking in a park
one wonderful night
she and i shared
huge red apple unison
hand-in-hand we
felt some special
moment glorious
profound, spiritual.

floating above
minds, hearts, souls,
our very beings:
we were in love!

there the moon
holding stars in its
crescent palm

ahh! quiet of night!
peace and calm
cool breezes light
all in togetherness
so blest us

leaves 'leafing'
shadows abounded
summer surrounded
birds calling, and
in that same park
i knelt, she prayed...

Whispered "are you Jewish?"
my heart split open
shocked, broken
eyes leaking
teardrops did
their own speaking
without breath, "i am not."


night after night alone
i walk the same path
each time
passing that place
bathing my face
with flooding tears

the stars, the moon
soft cool breezes of
summer nights

puzzle-like shadows
leaf-strewn patterns
the same park

all were there;
the elderly, the homeless
in their stillness

missing only were
the hand-in-hand
two of us..........

Vera, even this day
my fondest Memory

Don Carlo

in Deviant Art