Wednesday, December 22, 2010


This is posted in ONE SHOT WEDNESDAY

Rode in with the wind
Rode out in style
Brother, I have sinned
And loved every mile
 We slept on
Beach and
And tall building beams.

Down mountain streams
Flew with feathered beaks to
Quench thirst therein
Soared over highest peaks

Breathless, we stopped to rest
Flapping wings and things
Decided to build our nest
And there exchanged rings

Oh my love remember
That night held no bars
Sweetest night of December
Full moon, and above--stars


Why do I
Sometimes wonder and ponder
To write one line of thought
When night like this I use
Four minutes time of Muse
For which an hour should have ought.....


Photo by The_people_in_the_attic_by_Muse1979, found in DeviantArt