Thursday, December 16, 2010


Sonnie is her sweetest name
My first really hottest flame
She plays the piano--and sings
As that big bell in my head--rings

I'll drink one more to-ya!
(Reader, I wish you to know
This was so long ago...)

Recall us loving on the beach,
Smelling...the warm salty spray
Sea-oats bend and sway
As we twisted, each to reach

That place of well-known bliss
--Which started only with a kiss.
We had fun, like a couple mating bees
I ended up with two very sore knees

Sonnie remember, we toweled the sand off one another
And that very beautiful night, you became mother
To our future first-born, a baby girl. She survived...
You died--that terrible morning she arrived

(I must Pause)

Sonnie, only ONE ever could match your beauty
Yes! Right! Our little girl, a darling cutie
Named Sonnie-Two!

Graphic: Love is Over by `gilad (Deviant Art)